Hartford In A Different Light

Offering a glimpse of the state's capitol from a unique and rarely seen perspective, photographer Chris M. Wachtelhausen presents the city of Hartford in a very different light. Using long exposures to give a feeling of drama in the city skies or shooting in the early morning hours or late at night, Wachtelhausen presents images of the architecture and cityscapes of New England's Rising Star. Hartford In a Different Light is a long-term project, spanning from 2006 to 2011, and includes prints previously seen in Bushnell Park's Pumphouse Gallery and City Hall as well as photographs adorning executive suites in the city's largest companies.

Pleasure Beach: The Abandoned Coastal ...

It's estimated that more than 25% of Connecticut's undeveloped beachfront property lies in Pleasure Beach, the area's largest and most recent ghost town -- an unfathomable figure considering the state's thirst for such prime real estate. What could be so dire as to abandon a beachfront community where full sunsets light up clouds with red, orange and purple hues? Photographer Chris Wachtelhausen explores Pleasure Beach and adjoining Long Beach West, a crippled and vacant coastal resort killed by a bridge fire in 1996, and currently the topic of heated debate over who will save it, and more importantly, who will pay for what is an uncertain future. In a truly unique photographic journey of urban decay meeting the privileged life of beachfront property, Wachtelhausen offers views of memories of Pleasure Beach as it was and sadly is, but what appears to no longer be.


Evocative, serene, moody, dramatic ... Night time at the coast, landscapes in motion, nature at night, life from around the world ... A photographer's work.